Sundays at 10:30am at Carroll Lutheran School / Office 443.487.8511

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Discover, Grow, Serve Together

Here are some ways we can serve you, and perhaps you can serve others. The New Testament describes the church as a vine with branches, and as a body, and also a spiritual house. These images show us that we are connected to each other as we are all connected to Jesus Christ. We can only grow, function and develop as mutual service guides our diversity toward unity. God has given everyone something to share, and we all need to serve as well as be served. There's plenty to do and see, so read on, or just ask!

Want to join our team? Do you have spiritual gifts, personal skills, or acquired experiences that can bless others? If you have an interest or passion to serve with us, please reach out:

We would love for you to serve with us in these areas:

- Sunday Mornings (set up, stream, sound, slides)

- Deep Run Kids (Nursery and Sunday School)

- Deep Run Youth

- Community Service and Outreach 

- Technical or Administrative Support