Sundays at 10:30am at Carroll Lutheran School / Office 443.487.8511

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Vision & Mission

44E08147-0AA5-4406-8034-3389C3139CC3_1_201_aOur Vision: To cultivate a community that seeks to discover the depths of Christ's love, grow in His truth, and bring hope to Westminster and our world.

Our Mission: To nurture in us and those we reach a Gospel-Centered Identity, a Practical Theology, a Mature Discipleship, and a Faithful Stewardship. Put simply, this means we ask for God's help in doing what we in our own ability cannot: to find our new identity in who God is and what He's done for us; then allow this new way of thinking to change our priorities to what God loves and wants for us all; the goal of this being our changed behavior that reflects God's truth and love to a community and world that needs Him as much as we do.

Values: What's important to God is important to us. 

  • Gospel centeredness establishes God's grace - through faith in Jesus Christ alone - as the foundation of every truth we confess and everything we do. 
  • Worship gathers us to focus upward toward God as Father, Son, & Spirit, and to celebrate the grace and hope of the Gospel. 
  • Prayer cultivates our relationship with God as a Father who loves us, has plans for us, and calls us to love our community and world.
  • Deep Teaching penetrates the hidden nature of our broken souls with the biblical story of salvation, with practical wisdom for our healing and transformation.
  • Discipleship nurtures a church culture in which we prayerfully speak God's truth into each other's lives, as saving faith and spiritual growth occur within relationships.
  • Community celebrates unity among diverse peoples through our shared Gospel identity, expressed in love, transparency, reconciliation, service and mission.
  • Engagement within the broader community shines the light of the Gospel upon social and cultural issues, expressed through respectful dialogue and loving service.
  • Witness declares the Gospel's saving message to our neighbors through gracious conversation, as our lives attest to its healing, changing power. 
  • Mercy and Biblical Justice serve the needs of our faith community and broader world with the servant's heart of Jesus, empowering those who struggle to provide for, or speak for, themselves.
  • Reconciliation heals broken relationships with the truth and power of the Gospel, and fosters a culture of peace in the church and in our community.